Warm night, sitting on the beach, made amends, with some friends former enemies

Inside, just to say goodbye.
When a pounding door and a soldier’s cry.

Interrupts the hugs and handshakes, bombs and bullets feel like earthquakes.

Out the back door, feet through dry sand. dead soldier’s wet blood on our hands.

Looks like we’re in trouble my friends.

Green sky falling on the beach. then I feel something real make me real dizzy.

I wake up, thankful I’m not dead, but my head’s tied down to the bed I’m bound to.

Orange lights and young girls talking, slowly, softly something’s walking,

Looking like me, also at me, like he wants to tell me something.

In luck.

I’ve been abducted again. (Repeat)

Black line, drawn across my head for a straight cut, the pain cuts and then I’m dead.

Wait please!  If he does this he’s a fool, both our brains need to stay put inside our skulls.

With my voice he laughs and mocks me, says our soul’s not in our body. 

Pulls the trigger, saw blade screaming
now I’m shaking, praying, scheming,

God, friend, abduct me again.

  • Abduction.mp30:38