One of Mike D.'s stage hands, during a C. Weed and the Tide Pools show, preparing a refreshing beverage for Mike before the show.

mIKe U. ...



​(and other assorted instruments)



Mike U. was born and raised in a small cornish 

village. It was at the tender age of 9 that he traded in his auto-harp for an old guitar  at the local pawnshop. Mike U. noticed that when he strummed the guitar for the first time that it was not just a mechanical piece of musical equipment but, more importantly, an extension of his heart and soul.  Mike U. has been playing guitar ever since. His parents eventually moved from Cornwall to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. However, since it was brass monkeys every winter they packed up the family and moved to So. California, where Mike formed and played in serveral bands. Years later he met Mike D. And, as they say...the rest is history.

Some of Mike U's favorite things? The Twilight Zone, The Sherlock Holmes movie series (starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law),  Peaky Blinders, his Gibson ES135, his autoharp, pasties, beer, his studio and the  ocean. (It brings back memories of his childhood in Cornwall)

Some of his former projects include: Rocket Fuel Frizbee, Majestic Drive,Tommy and the Knockers, Michael O'Sean and The Nep Tunes, Abel and Skeever, The cover bands Styx & Stones and Pawn Dive.

​AnD so, tHe stORy bEgins...

Mike U. today...

Mike U., 17, studying the art of ventriloquism at the  Preparatory School for Magicians in Devon.

Mike U. and Mike D. (left to right) performing together for the first time at the annual CORN (Clowns Opposed to Red Noses) benefit show.

Mike D. today...

Mike U. as a Reserve Sheriff. (circa, 1905)

​​​​​MikE d...




Mike Dziurgot, better known today as Mike D., was weaned on  pirogies and polka music. As a native of Poland, he left home at the age of 15 to tackle the obstacles of independent life, pursue his musical career and to escape the   daily dose of pirogies and the accordion. He immediately moved to the southern part of the U.S. and, once there, fronted a band called Mick A. Lodian and The Devils Playground. With help from his band mates, Mike managed their most successful tour, the "Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo Tour." Soon after that historic tour the band broke up and Mike moved to Orange County Ca. where he  spearheaded Jeffries Fan Club (a.k.a. JFC) which became a successful ska band, touring the U.S. and Europe, and developing a strong following, until they broke up in 2001.

Some of Mike D.'s favorite things?  Surfing (It brings back memories of his youth in Poland), a high quality bourbon,  southern bbq, a mid grade bourbon, mid west bbq, a cheap bourbon, free bbq, any alcohol and the Mc Donald's bbq rib sandwich.  Mike also enjoys spending quiet time with his pet ardvark, "Mark." 

Some of Mike D.'s former projects include:  Mick A. Lodian and The Devils Playground , Jeffries Fan Club, C. Weed and The Tide Pools  and (The cover bands) No Quarter Roy, and The Munk Keys (Interestingly, they refused to play anything by The Monkeys...go figure.)

Mike D. at 16, while on tour throughout the Appalachian Mountains, performed under the stage name Mick A. Lodian. Mike toured the Appalachians with his back up band, The Devils Playground , playing every honky tonk, general store, backyard party, reform school, jail cell and bordello in the region.