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​About The Dream Gypsies

The Dream Gypsies Are Coming


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Scheduled Release of:

​The Analogue Chronicles

​June 2017

Scheduled Release of :

Out of Time 

(To Be That Bird)

​June 2017

​​​About The Novel

In addition to the album,a soft cover novel entitled "Out of Time (To Be That Bird)," will also be available. The novel lays the foundational background and leads the storyline of The Analogue Chronicles. The novel will be available on the same release date as the CD. Written by The Dream Gypsies one and only Tone E., the novel will help you navigate through the musical storyline and will include hidden secrets and a twisted ending that will take the reader on an adventure like no other.Be sure to get your copy to complete the Dream Gypsy experience!


For more information regarding Out of Time (To Be That Bird) please see the "Info" section of this website.

The Dream Gypsies ​is a new project which began in the early part of 2016 . Mike Dziurgot and Mike Uren (a.k.a. Mike L.) are the ex-leaders of two Orange County Ca. bands, Jefferies Fan Club and Rocket Fuel Frizbee, respectively. They combined their talents,experience and strengths together and recruited some of the best musicians around to assist them with their creative endeavor. 

The Dream Gypsies first CD, The Analogue Chronicles is a 60 minute concept album, scheduled to debut in June of 2017. The goal for the first album was to not only create a CD consisting of great original music but, as importantly,  to take the listeners on an exciting cerebral  journey. What began as a single 30 minute album quickly morphed into a 60 minute CD coupled with an intriguing novel. (See below)

 You read it correctly an original novel, written by the Dream Gypsies bass player, Anthony P. Elliott (a.k.a. Tone E.), coupled with a concept album. Can it get any more fun? We think not. See the Info. section for more detailed information regarding the album and novel.

For more information regarding the CD, The Analogue Chronicles, please see the "Info" section of this website.