​​​​​​​Charlie "Sticks" Pennmedhow (a.k.a. Chuck Sticks) (Center) at age 26 as constable in Cornwall, before his career as a drummer for The Dream Gypsies. Mike U. and Chuck met shorty after this picture was taken. They met at the annual "World Peace Officers that Would Rather Be Playing in a Rock Band" convention and have been close friends since.

Felix Gwiazdarocka (a.k.a. DJ El Diablo Flaco) (above) was born in Poland but toured extensively throughout Finland, where he met Dr. Kapellimestari. For the first few years, Felix D.J.ed exclusively for sauna parties. Above he is seen playing his first "clothed" gig. He eventually became a master at electronic drum programming, which led to his recruitment into The Dream Gypsies. At an early age Felix learnt how to put the F.U. in funk. 

A very special thanks to  Dr. Toivo Kapellimestari, Phd. and his orchestra for their hard work and calculated arrangements throughout the album. Your expertise and meticulous strive for perfection is deeply appreciated. Dr. Kapellimestari is a Fellow at the Musicological, Sound and Other Incredible Edible Audibles Society located in Helsinki Finland and a professor at The College for Higher Learning in the World of Worldly Music Throughout the World, based in Lapland, Finland. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​From left to right: (Bassist) Anthony   P. Elliott (aka. Tone E.), (Keyboardist) Philip Reginald Upland (a.k.a. Phil R. Up) and (Percussionist) Bob (a.k.a. boB). An early photo of "the gang", as childhood friends. (Ages 19, 16 and 22, respectively) Tone E., Phil R. Up and Bob grew up very poor, in a small Scottish village. They played together in the band Vini Vidi Vici,  touring constantly throughout Europe to help their parents make ends meet.