As of late, some of The Dream Gypsies fans have asked for a synopsis of the the novel, Out of Time (To Be That Bird). Well here it is...

Punk Rock


Fist Fights 

Multiple Murders by Gunshot

Charles Manson and Kurt Cobain Serving

drinks at Creepy Bars.

Being Chased by Ghosts in Creepy Tunnels

Being Shanghaied in Portland Oregon

Being Attacked by a Human/Animal Hybrid Mob

for Drinking Beer.

Dancing With a Beautiful Woman in the Arabic Streets.

Narrowly Escaping Death During a Civil War.

Alien Abduction

Pregnant Teen Alien Runaways

Brain Transplants

Murder by Strangulation

Suicide by Cop


Personal Redemtion

More Twists and Turns than a Box Full of Cell Phone Chargers

The Dream Gypsies really know how to put the F.U. in FUN!


The Novel-Out of Time (To Be That Bird)

​The Novel Out of Time (To Be That Bird), What It's All About...

Yet another great reason to quit drinkin' Wild Turkey.

That aint tabackie that Santa's smokin'

Fake news, alternative facts, and rising extremism—the world has moved suddenly and rapidly backward as a blunt reminder that progress and change don’t come fast or easy. But what if they could? In Out of Time To Be That Bird, author Anthony Peregrine Elliott dreams up a way to save the world at a rapid speed—one mind at a time.  
Steven Ranta is an angry young man, bred to hate all who are different from him—including his alcoholic father, criminal brother, and long lost sister, not to mention the circus of foreigners and drag queens that surrounded him. Though destined to march angrily through the night with torch-bearing brothers, in a lucky twist of fate he unwittingly agrees to travel to a parallel universe that changes him forever. Unfortunately for him, that journey came too late to right most of his wrongs. Fortunately for us, his tale exists as a powerful reminder of the simple, ancient wisdom of treating others as we’d like to be treated.​

About The Novel

Some of Mike D.'s family members from the homeland. Here they are seen playing an old traditional favorite entitled,  "I'm Gonna Polka Your Eyes Out."

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