Here is a picture of El Diablo Flaco in his younger days

"The world fell down and blew me up"


Life is good.

Just enough.

Shoes below.

Roof above.

But what of life after the fall?

If I survive what will I do?

The world’s so big and I’m so small.

What if the opposite was true?

Dream by sun.

Watch by moon.

Thieves and Thugs,

And bandits loom.

It wasn’t so bad after all.

I survived and now I’m new.

You’re all so short and I’m so tall.

You need me more than I need you.

Life is good.

When you’re tough.

The world fell down.

And blew me up.

So this is life after the fall.

It was the start of something new.

The world was big and I was small.

And now the opposite is true.

This is the actual Nightwatchman (The Steampunk)

Nightwatchman (The Steampunk)

"Dream by sun watch by moon."

  • Nightwatchman (The Steampunk) .mp30:52

When "The world is big and you are small"