Can you guess who this is? (Hint: "Nor when you watch me from afar as if I don’t know you’re there.")

Tone E. today. Bass player extraordinair and author.

Chuck Sticks, today, preparing for a live show. Chuck is constantly striving for that "Bonham sound."

Mike U., at the tender age of 6, ready for work. He spent six hard years working the tin mines in Cornwall before his parents found out that he had been playing hooky to enjoy the sights, sounds, dust, darkness and danger of the tin mines. He worked in exchange for free pasties, pipe tobacco and stout. Can it get any better? I think not!!

​A test listening of The Analogue Chronicles with teenage boys. One out of three ain't bad. (note their individual expressions)

The audience for a couple of DJ El Diablo Flaco's sauna gigs in Finland.

Mike U.'s professor and mentor from the Preparatory School for Magicians, Dr. Hammond Neggs . Dr. Neggs started Mike U. on the path towards being a professional guitarist. Mike U. will never forget the heart felt words of advice given to him from Dr. Neggs, "You suck as a magician and ventriloquist and your guitar playing is mediocre at best. But at least (with your guitar) you can acquire gigs on street corners making a few shillings a week playing it. Now get out of my classroom before I beat you over your head with this dummy, You dummy!!!" Mike can still hear his encouraging words as he was walking out the door, "I'll see you at the workhouse YOU LOSER!"

Another test listening with the parents and the sister of the kids in the photo to the left. We asked them not to compare The Dream Gypsies to the music that they normally listen to. (Annette Hanshaw) After the test was completed, we realized that they didn't speak english. (note the expression on their faces) Oh well, so much for test marketing.

The Dream Gypsies first keyboardist, Stephen Googlemeinerdorfenbystiller insisted on being called by his last name. Since roll was called before each gig, this led to to many late start gigs, which resulted in his departure. Too bad, he was a great musician.

Phil R. Up warming up before a gig.

An early Uren family portrait. Mike U.'s dad, Jim,  worked for the SIS (secret intelligence service) and he always wanted to be covert so whenever they went out, in public, he required that Mike, and his entire family, wear masks. It worked. People would stare at his mom, his siblings and Mike. His dad would always go unnoticed. Oh, the emotional scars that were permanently imbedded in Mike's memory.

The Dream Gypsies tour bus and catering truck.  The tour bus was originally a three story mobile unit. However, the top story slipped off somewhere between Tennessee and Oklahoma . We lost two roadies, a cat and two hamsters, along with the top story. However, the food truck was still in intact. Talk about luck?!?

An audience waiting in line to enjoy the music of Michael O'Sean and the Nep Tunes. Mike U.s' early years.

The Devils Playground warming up. Aahh, the memories.

Part of the stage set for The Dream Gypsies first tour. Unfortunately, the animatronic stage set proved too dangerous and was immediately taken down. After the first night, three drunken roadies climbed into the mouth of the prop assuming that they would come out the other end. However, they were never seen again.

A back up singer for The Dream Gypsies taking a break before the gig. 

Mick A. Lodian and The Devils Playground on their tour bus during their "Monkey See Monkey Doo Doo" tour. Here, they are seen leaving their favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Mai Chu.

​A couple of The Dream Gypsies opening acts. There's no business like show business.

A couple more opening acts. The most popular act was labeled " The Boss." The performer walked around with a head up his A** the entire show. (see photo above)

Just a few of The Dream Gypsies groupies. Jealous?!? 

An audience waiting in line to hear Mick A. Lodian and The Devils Playground at Harold  Bush's General Mercantile, just outside of Williamsville.