Captain Dùnta in her younger years

Here are a couple of the books that the crew mates would have access to, while on The Sea Hagg. (These are actual photos taken by Steven)

A few of the crew mates discussing the next shanghai.

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The Sea Hagg living quarters.

One of the many facinating sights, often seen by the Sea Hagg crew.

One of the many stops along the way...

The boys on the Sea Hagg referred to getting a tattoo as "getting stung." Here one of the ship mates is getting stung.

One of the Sea Hagg ship mates.

The Sea Hagg crew in action.

​Sea Hagg

A couple of The Sea Hagg's old timers.

Kuren in his younger years, before joining the Sea Hagg crew.


Piss woke me up, a warm stream to the face.

Puke washed me out, the crew laughed, “How’s it taste?”

Then scattered at sight and scowl of a hag,

As willed as the wind and as worn as the sand.

She cared not for fashion or smoking of pipes.

She whistled through storms while full of delight.

No parrot was perched on her shoulders as wide,

As the future she studied with both of her eyes.

She laughed not at me, the only that day.

So I took her for friend and yelled out “Hey!”

“Hey Miss can you help?” she said, “I know your kind.” I said,

“I aint what you think.”  She said, “So, you’re not the type,

Who shoots at two lovers then flees in the light?

Gets crimped at The Killing, fifty-shilling Shanghai?

Wakes up in the tunnels, the damp ghostly steam,

Of Nina’s perfume as she tugs on your sleeve?

Then ends up a slave to a hagg such as me?

Now get back to work, worth every shilling.”
I said, “How can there be another alive,

Who can speak of my life as if there, just as I.”

She said, “You assume I’m alive just as you?”

“I’ve been dead since I died, in 2022.”

I said, “That’s the future.” She laughed, “Well of course!

It is ‘til it was, so it aint anymore.”

You say this as if you’re dead-serious.

Ma'am, no pun intended, but that makes no sense.”

She said, “No, it does, and it is quite scary,

That a man knows not something so damn ordinary.”

 Now get ye to work on these gull-sullen seas,

The night watchman tarries. Crumbs blow in the breeze.

The library teaches, the carnival seethes.

The sands of time dance like the Arabic Streets.

This universe yours, though you have no say.

Through galaxy red and running away.

The brother that saves you from losing your mind.

And carries you back with your friends on the line.

Conclusions that free you, from your childhood fight.              

To whistle through storms without fear or delight.”

"The Sea Hagg" a sketch by: Mike Uren