Mike U. circa 1913

The whispering wind that calls my name.

My vain reply to empty space.

My arms will not comply, with my command.

I hear you say “good bye,” forever again. 

And now my eyes are open wide.

I feel my back against the ground.

The lights are flashing dark then bright.

I run in fear from whispering sounds.

And shadows in the distance.  Darkness all around.

I see myself as someone else.

I blink my eyes, become myself.

I see a hero save a girl like you.

I feel you pull my sleeve.  I smell your perfume.

And I sit frozen in place.

I try to talk but I cannot.

You scream in fear and fall through space.

My heart is pounding. I’m distraught.

Something’s stopping me and I can’t make it stop.

Fifteen years tormenting me,

Believing you were dead.

Dusty darkness run and scream.

As I let you go again.

I yell in fear you fall through space.

My heart is pounding. Yours has stopped.

In stunning silence, I can hear a needle drop.

As I stand frozen in space.

I hear the ticking of a clock.

The master calls inches away.

My fate is sealed my soul’s been bought.

It’s off to foreign seas where I can learn a lot. 

  • Shanghai Tunnels.mp31:11

China Town

Once shanghaied, the victims would be stowed away and taken away in the dark of the night


"The Wait" a sketch by: Mike Uren

They claim that some of the shanghai victims are still lingering around...

"Lost" a sketch by: Mike Uren

Mike D. circa 1913

Who needs cars when you have boats...

The unsuspecting bar patrons

"The Shanghaier" a sketch by: Mike Uren